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*LORDEAGLE 2015-10-10 14:19
Many WWNL(webmaster,wapmaster no laptop) have been unable to view source code of many internet pages. The reason is; when source code viewers request pages from the server they does that on there own without involving the browsers cookies and the result will be the site login page. If u are among those having this problem,then I dedicate this post to u! Here is how you can get the fuck off your way. Simply add this prefix to the page url "http://eaglenet.xtgem.com/source/ e.g http://eaglenet.xtgem.com/source/facebook.com will display the exact facebook source code for your device. Now go and tell that dude that hide his source code that u gat some magik in u...! Before u leap into action its good u know some condition applied(but no term applied). The only condition applied is that your browser must support this function b4 u can use this tool. Here are browser that does not support it as of now opera mini,safari and some versions of Internet Explorer does not support this function,but chrome,firefox,uc browser and some versions of IE supports it!
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