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*LORDEAGLE 2015-06-14 09:24
STEP 1.) You must have a PHP SCRIPT dont worry i share here some php script and make a dem0 sooner or later.
STEP 2.) Sign up to a FreeHosting site
-I recommend to use a x10hosting because its handy to use their cpanel
STEP 3.)Now if you have a hosting..Login to your cpanel and go to legacy manager and upload your Php script
STEP 4.) if you finished to upload all your script in legacy filemanager go to main menu of you cpanel and goto>Mysql Databases>Create database name(ex. Slippery) and now click next or OK..after you create database name>Create now a database username(ex.slipwap) and password(ex.12345)..>and now you will see your database name and username in your Mysql databases..>click add to database>and check all the Previleges for your database name..**NOTE:**remember your database name,and cpanel login and pword because you nid that in your config.php or iconfig.php in able to connect your script to your database,
STEP 5.) Now you also finish to create a database name.. You May go now to you PhpMyadmin and click the import/upload and now upload your SQL for you script..
STEP 6.) edit you config.php that match to your database info
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