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How do i make my Star Progress move faster??? The question i've been getting for quite some months now. Well, i've got the answer to that question and can finally have some rest!

All you've got to do inorder to drive your Star Progress is to carry out this simple guidelines below
NOTE>> This Tweak works on only Etisalat and Glo network respectively. Ensure that you do not have credit or data bundle on your phone as it will prevent this tweak from working.
>> The idea is that, if you have credit or data bundle on your phone you would be Logged In Normally. But if you do not have credit or data bundle, it would just be "Connecting" & "Disconnecting" leaving you partially "Online" & "Offline"...
Download My 2go3IN1 Application HERE. {This App Contains 3 2go Applications}
After downloading, LogIN into the three(3) different 2go Appz. Use "*" to Minimize One{1} for the Other. Then, you would see "Loggin In" or "Starting 2go" just leave it like that...
Repeat this Procedure for like 5hourz a day. Be consistent for like 7dayz and see the effect it would have on your Star Progress... {With the above steps, I waz able to complete my 2GO star progress from "senior" to "enthusiast" in 2dayz.
IMPORTANT NOTE: For optimal resultz, these procedures must be strictly adhered to and should be carried out continuously for about 1week
=> The best time of the day to 2gO is in the "afternoons" and "evenings".
=> "professional" seems to be the most difficult of all the 2GO star'z. But not to worry, just adhere to the steps mentioned above. I can assure you that after "professional" the rest are work over, so endure.
That'z it!!!
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