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Muscular women gather in Hong Kong for the Arnold Classic muscle building competition (photos)

Crowds of muscular women from all over the world gathered in Hong Kong for the Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival over the weekend. Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger was there to launch the festival which saw contestants flexed their perfectly-toned bodies in front of a number of judges for the bodybuilding competition. He also reminded them of the need to balance mind and body.

The festival involved demonstrations and competitions including arm wrestling, bodybuilding and skateboarding, they also had their day with challenging games such as chess and Rubik's Cube.

 Asked how parents in the fast-paced city should encourage their children to do sports as well as study, Schwarzenegger said:

'Until you're six feet under, you have to work on your body. But you also have to work on your mind. If you look in the mirror at night you should be able to say today I learned a whole bunch of new things'.

Hong Kong is the first city in Asia to host the event, which is already held in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

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