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*LORDEAGLE 2015-10-03 07:09
Our Long thirst For an advance Search Form On xtgem has been partialy quenched since Graham Produced the latest His latest xtscript/javascript Files Search for xtgem sites. He was able to filter out files related to some of the search string as xtfilelist filter has one parameter. He also added paging using an inline form, he went as far as providing file count and condition replies and the script is very helpful and cool as well! But what happens to the filelist its hard to alter with the Array list the script provided,this is a problem. And the files search is limited to xtfilelist filter these and some other problems that I tried to solve in my xtgem file search made by javascript only. HERE IS WHAT IT SOLVED.
1. It provided Full and Normal Fiielist paging.
2. More sensitive search b/c search is based on any part of the filename.
3. Color for the active page for user easy navigation.
4. Normal xtgem filelist! I.e any filelist can be used.
5. Unlimited folder search!
6. Based on simple js, free, Very easy to edit and use.
7. Versions 1,2,3 already available.
8. More versions comming soon!
Help your self with version of ur choice
Version1: http://eaglenet.xtgem.com/wrk/srch
Version2: http://eaglenet.xtgem.com/wrk/srch_v2 (this version 2 has checkbox which is used to make very high,insenstive and supersearch. Infact every character becomes a search string).
version3: http://eaglenet.xtgem.com/wrk/srch_v3 (version3 lost the check box propty of v2 but is greater than earlier version as it tends to solve the problem of sensitivity of the used css selector by converting the string to uppercase,lowercase and also join it to the original search string for a stronger search.) Hope you like it? Pls let me know.
(Edited by 2015-10-03 07:22 Lordeagle )
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