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*LORDEAGLE 2015-10-17 16:17
Will this weekend go scot free? With lordeagle not creating any new thing during the weekend holidays? The answer is no! Though what I just created is already existing in xtgem but due to my poor knowledge of xtscript and the nasty effect of xtscript @ poor page load, I dont normally settle with xtscript thats why I'm trying 2 create js equivalent of many things that are already existin in xtgem created by Graham usin xtscript. So this night am releasin my weekend work and this its"Path To Page" using Js. Wapmasters, who use my tools knows that its always: simple,effecient and easy to edit; and this very work is not an exception. Benefits of this: 1.it can be used in any website as long as path to the page is available. 2. I created a demo css for u to edit the colors nd use.. Copy tool and see demo @ http://eaglenet.xtgem.com/wrk/ptf
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