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24/7 updates on happenings in africa
*LORDEAGLE 2015-10-28 09:19
Before now, most exam runz are done via wapka. Unfortunately wapka is never a good platform for sensitive act like that; reasons wapka sites is not always available on pc and som other devices, wapka is not always well formated in all screen, ucweb(symbian h8 wapka u knw na). All the above listed problems has made me to go a research for a correspondin solution, since a 9z hosting(php) can only be achievd wit ur money(i.e premium). My former exam runz script has some limitations as javascript dominated d script and may leak privacy. To cut the story, am here with new script to run on php and xtgem(even if u're not using xtgem php version). This one is as simple as ABCD both to install and use and the functionality is based on the sever(php) script. Some of the features re: signup page(using formbuddy), login page, subscription check page(to check user subscription status;subscribd, pending etc) use of the world most popular frame work Bootsrap to increase the professionality and lots more just run a check @ http://eaglenet.xtgem.com/runz/case1/login . Plz this script is to be sold based on negociation(nothing is free even in free land and among the free lancers)... For more follow me @eaglemike7
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