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禄Xt BB Code.. For Xtgem Sites
Some mobiles will only show a limited set of these tags
If the text appears normal your browser does not support that tag

Text formatting
[br] line break
Text styles
[b] Bold text [/b]
[i] Italic text [/i]
[u] Underlined text [/u]
key: n=number h=hex digit
Pc's can use any size text
Many mobiles only use at best 2-3 font sizes

[size=nn] 22px text [/size]
colors can be used in 3 or 6 digit hex with or without # symbol
Do NOT use newlines in colored or sized text use the [br] line break tag

[color=#hhhhhh] Colored text [/color]
links and images
http:// addresses are automatically converted to links
[url]http:// site.com[url] does the same
[url= http://site.com]some text[/url] creates a text link to the address
[img]http:// site.com/image file name[/img] will show a image
[img] tags can be nested in [url= http://site.com] tags to produce image links
Most BBcodes can be nested
if using [url] tags
they should be the outer BBcode tags

[url= http://xtgem.com/feed][b][i][size=18][color=#0ff]
a link in bold italic 18px red
email addresses
[email]your@ mail.com[/email]
Creates a mailto: link on supporting devices
Show html
[code]...[/code] tags are used to show html and other codes or scripts
<script type="text/javascript>
alert("hello world");
Other codes
(c)=© (r)=® (tm)=™
html entities can be used in the numeric format
ie: &#64; = @